Notes are just short articles

After writing about lowering my personal bar for new content, I spent some time setting up a second "channel" of content on my site for notes.

The next day I read this article from Zach Leatherman about retiring a Notes section and it gave me pause:

This morning, my coworker Pavlos shared an article on naming schemes, and while I was on his site I noticed he'd shared what inspired him to start writing more regularly. What inspired me the most was the brevity of this post, and others ā€” some of his articles are longer, but many are also very short. Almost like what I was going to call the "Notes" section of my site.

Sooooo I've ripped out the incomplete Notes section. Everything I write is just going to be an article, and there's no reason they have to be long. I wanted to put classification around how long something would take to read. I still think there is a distinction between short and long content ā€” I just don't think it warrants separate channels.