Introducing "How Devs Work"

I'm planning to work on a podcast this upcoming winter that I'm going to call "How Devs Work".

I started thinking about it last winter or spring, but didn't start working on it. Summers for me are all about being outside — trips with the family, camping, and especially training for triathlons & trail races. During the summer my alarm goes off before 5:30am most days, so I can get a long workout in before (a) it gets too hot and (b) I have to work. I've come to terms with the fact that I just don't have time for side projects when it's nice outside.

Now is the time of year when I start to get the itch to work on a "project" over the winter, though, and that's happening again.

Podcasts are probably my favorite medium for learning about new things. I think there's an opportunity to make them even better for learning. The tried-and-true formula for podcasts in tech right now is "interview someone new each episode for an hour," and that's not my plan.

My intentions with "How Devs Work":

  1. Thirty minutes an episode. Anything longer is toooo lonnggggg.
  2. Treat a "season" of episodes like content. Tell cohesive stories. Slice up interviews with different people based on themes. You might hear the same person in episodes 2, 5, and 7, if that's where it makes sense.
  3. This first season will talk about the systems that people use to get their work done.

I recognize that this is more work than the standard formula. If you know me, though, you recognize that this kind of thing is right in my wheelhouse — over-polishing something and making it look like I spent entirely too much time on it (which I probably did) 😬

On that note, I'm looking for people interested in talking to me about the systems they use to get their work done. If you're interested, please reach out!