Steven Hicks @ CodeMash 2018Photo by @Wright2Tweet


Steven Hicks is a web development generalist with nearly 20 years experience. He believes that code is for humans, and should be written with them in mind. Steve likes to use the right tool for the job, especially if the right tool is JavaScript. He strongly believes that if you ain't falling, you ain't learning.

Steve embraces continuous improvement and believes that a developer's job is to solve problems, not just write code. He is a speaker, a writer, a teacher, a learner, and a teammate.

When he isn't talking to the duck or crushing 1s and 0s, you can find Steve outside. He's probably camping with his family, racing a triathlon, running trails, or climbing fake rocks.

Current Talks

Abstracts and descriptions for my current talks can be found at my speaker page.

Speaking Engagements