Where am I?

Here's where you can find me on the internet -- in rough order of most active to least active.

  • GitHub: I am in GitHub many many times every day.
  • Threads: This is my main! Posts about tech, triathlon stuff, art stuff, etc. I wish Threads was more active. I check this a couple times daily.
  • YouTube: 2RadDads, a programming stream I do with my friend Jon! It's pretty active, except when Jon and I are on vacations or busy with dad stuff.
  • LinkedIn: All tech/job posts. I'm more active lately, usually posting about 2RadDads. I probably won't accept a connection request unless I've met you in person.
  • Podcast: My podcast about being a human in tech -- A Developer Experience Podcast -- is dormant. I do plan to revive it soon, under a new name. But the old episodes are still pretty good and you should listen to them.
  • Instagram: Mostly non-tech posts.
  • Email: Yes, I'll definitely get your email. Will I respond? 🤷 I wish I could say that I was not the kind of person who forgets to respond to an email until it becomes too uncomfortable to respond.....but I am that person.
  • Mastodon: This used to be my main, but I don't really like the idea of infinite walled gardens. I'm basically dormant here, unless you engage me directly.
  • Twitter: I'm paused here. I don't support the current ownership, and I'm only engaging if you engage me directly.
  • Dev.to: Syndicated blog posts from here, but not all of them.